Welcome to The Ranch Motel

The Ranch Motel, located in Sedan, Ks is pleased to provide our guest clean, comfortable rooms at affordable rates.

With a variety of rooms to choose from,
we strive to offer you a good night's sleep, whether you're in town on business, a hunting trip or visiting family and friends.

THE HOLLOW PARK -  A scenic setting with a gazebo, winding boardwalks over a stream, beautiful flower beds and benches throughout where you can just sit and relax.
The St. Charles Country School House is also located at The Hollow Park.

THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD - Is the longest Yellow Brick Road in the world and boast more than 11,350 bricks, from every state and 28 foreign countries.   The celebrities section includes such stars as Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Hope, Brooke Shields, Whoopi Goldberg and others. 
The YELLOW BRICK ROAD FESTIVAL - is held each Memorial Weekend with a host of activities, for all age groups.

SEDAN COUNTRY CLUB - A nine-hole Municipal Golf Course with grass greens, and a new 3,000 sq. ft. club house and community building (which can be rented for a small fee).  The club hosts several golf tournaments throughout the summer.

REDBUD TOUR - is held each spring when the native redbud trees are in bloom.  A mapped route takes the visitor along the scenic country roads.

THE EMMETT KELLY MUSEUM - Housed in the old Sedan Opera house has memorabilia of the world renowned clown, "Weary Willie" who was born in Sedan in 1898.  Admission is free.

RED BUFFALO RANCH - Houses a beautiful Visitor's Center at Butcher Falls where you can walk the trails and take in the beauty of the falls, prairie and wildlife.  

CEDAR CREEK BRIDGE - a rainbow arch bridge (located 1.5 miles E of Elgin)
DOUBLE RAINBOW ARCHED BRIDGE (located east of Cedar Vale on Heritage Rd),
OTTER CREEK BRIDGE, a metal truss bridge (located 3 miles N of Cedar Vale)

THE WEE KIRK OF THE VALLEY - A tiny chapel built by Lotus Day, seats 12 people, which represent the 12 disciples.  Decorated with a stained glass window, two marble carvings and a six foot statue of Christ in front of the chapel. (located just outside Chautauqua County, SW of Cedarvale)

CEDAR VALE MUSEUM - houses a collection of more than 75 miniature replicas of old homes, churches and stores Frank Zimmerman has been creating since 1973.

DALTON DEFENDERS MUSEUM - Coffyville, Ks, houses memorabilia from the Dalton Gang's fateful raid on  Oct. 5, 1892 when they tried to raid 2 banks at the same time. During the ensuing gunfight eight men lost their lives.

AVIATION HERITAGE MUSEUM - Coffeyville, Ks, catch a glimpse of Coffeyville's role in aviation history. The museum is housed in a 1930's era hanger and features memorabilia from the Coffeyville Air Base, a Funk airplane, plus many other displays.

TOM MIX MUSEUM - Dewey, OK, known as a great horseman, Tom Mix movie career began in 1909 and he made over 300 movies, mostly silent films. The museum features a theatre which seats 28 people and replicates the old movie houses of yesteryear, and other artifacts from his life.

CHAUTAUQUA BLUES FESTIVAL - Is held on Memorial Weekend and features many talented blues artist from all over the United States.  See the official website at "cqbluesfest.com." for a full line-up of the Blues Artist performing at this years' 2013 Blues Festival.

     FRIDAY NIGHT - Free Downtown Concert.  Bring your lawnchairs & coolers and enjoy         the evening.  
     SATURDAY MORNING - Enjoy your morning at the Yellow Brick Road Festival
         located in downtown Sedan.  The parade begins at 10am followed by local events to
         watch, games to play & booths & stores to shop.  A wide variety of food will be offered          through-out the day, downtown & at our local restaurants
     SATURDAY AFTERNOON - The music, featuring local artist, begins at 2pm outside the
         Studio Arts building & continues into the early evening.  Bring your lawnchairs
         blankets & coolers and enjoy an afternoon of great music.
     SATURDAY EVENING -  The music kicks off at the Gregg Theater at 7pm and last until
     SUNDAY AFTERNOON - The music begins at 2pm at the blues festival grounds and last
          until midnight, after which, there is the traditional bonfire liting ceremonies.  Be sure
          and bring your blankets, lawnchairs, umbrellas & coolers.